You’ve got a skill, a great product, or provide a wonderful service.

Guess what, running a small business has nothing, let me repeat that,
has nothing to do with what you provide, nothing.

Running a small business is about learning how to earn a wage like an employee plus making a profit like an owner.

Many of us hope to build a business that will provide for us and our families. Instead we struggle to breakeven, and watch our low wage employees go home with more money than us.

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Most small business owners know what they need, they just don’t know where to look. I would spend hours searching online for an answer to a question and often couldn’t get a direct answer. My option was to call my attorney or CPA and pay them to teach me basics about business! I know this happens to you because I talk to other small business owners all the time.

This website is built for us, those in the trenches trying to figure this out.