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Learn How to be Clairvoyant – Research in Consumer Behavior 

Great ways to do research in consumer behavior.

Research in Consumer Behavior

To set yourself apart it’s important for you to do some basic research in consumer behavior for your target market.

I don’t know about you but I get confused about what, you, my customers are thinking.  How can I provide the information you need when you need it?  What is that exactly?

When talking to many small business owners I find everybody is in the same boat!  We all have a product or service we are convinced solves a want, need, or desire on the part of the customer.  But do we really?  How do you know?

Yes I understand that if you make a sale that is the proof.  Would you be making more sales if you could read your customers mind?  The answer is definitely YES!

Paying to have research in consumer behavior done for a small business is cost prohibitive for most of us.  But there is a way to research what consumers are thinking about topics related to your business.  The good news is it’s all found online!

In researching topics I often use Reddit, and Yahoo Answers.  I signed up for these and visit to get a feel for what people are thinking about a particular topic.  I simply type in the topic and browse the different posts.  If a title does not meet what I’m looking for I move on.  The only issue is, for some topics, I would like to do more research.

I subscribe to Brian Solis a Social Media expert.  He and his company work primarily for the big brands, but in today’s post he included something we can all use to help us do our research in consumer behavior.

In his post “The Conversation Prism” he includes a link for a free download.  This is a chart of all relevant social media sites and their uses.  I downloaded this for myself.  Here is the link for the download.

The part that made my eyes bug out is “crowd wisdom” and “Q&A”.  To find these look in the upper right side.   There are sixteen different online sources that help you complete research in consumer behavior for your customers.

In a previous article “Locate and Understand Your Target Market” I talk about what you must focus on to determine WHO your market is.  Look for that type of person making comments on these sites and see what they’re saying, what’s good, what do they hate?

You can’t really read their minds but you can better understand what your customers expect.  Anything you can learn about your customer will help you meet the needs, wants, and desires of your target market.

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