How to deal with a controlling Business Partner

So, you would like to know How to deal with a controlling Business Partner. As we know starting a business is never easy for a normal person. Also finding a business partner is also not an easy job. So unless you are an expert with that thing you cannot do the things, you need some partner for doing the job. So before getting into a business partnership you should know how to deal with a controlling business partner.

Partnerships are hard to find if you choose a bad partner obviously pain is reflected in your business. In many cases- partnerships are built because of the common vision, road to achieving success.

But in some cases, as time changes the relationship in the business partnership is also changing and it becomes a nightmare.

From the statistics, most of the nightmare comes because of money or shares.

So, here the question is how to deal with a controlling business partner if your partner has high equity and share.

So, here are some important things that help you with how to deal with a controlling business partner.


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1. Review partnership agreement

If both are running the same company then also you signed the agreement before getting in the partnership.  The only thing you have to do is just remind your partner that you are also the co-owner of the company.

It is important to know your limitation for a bad partnership. If you have your attorney then show your partner and tell them where you are standing in the business.

And at last update the paper of your attorney when your partner agrees with you.

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2. Tell your partner what you exactly want from the business.

Most of the business partners hesitate to bring their own voice for sharing. but this becomes a nightmare for business and for partnership too. Being in the nightmare can help you to tell your partner what you actually want for your business and take some action for it. If you are in some depression regarding your position through the company you have to take this step. It helps you get immune. As a result, you can come out from the nightmare of a bad business partnership.

3. Write down your plan to accomplish your goal

The most positive thing you can do for your nightmare is to write down or create a plan that you want from the business. After creating your own plan prepared to present to your partner. If you want to dissolve the business yourself then prepared to show it. Show them a reason why you want to leave and what are the reasons that you want to leave the business partnership. Also, write what your plan for the future is. You just not leaving the business you fired all the things related to business. You want your something own that’s the reason you are leaving the business. Only do if you have a confirmed plan.

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4. Do a time schedule to talk with the partner

Talk at the right time with your partner; you are facing this problem and you want to dissolve the partnership.

I thought sitting in the coffee and at lunchtime is the best time to present a view.

Prepared for everything like what response coming to you after presenting your views. Obviously, your partner can not make a decision at that moment it takes some time to think. Also, you have to gut feeling that this is your final decision whatever you take and you don’t take away from this.

The objective of this; present what you want for business and yourself, and your confirmed plan of what you are going to do.

5.  Be ready to walk away

If your business partner does not agree with your terms and agreement then you have to look forward to this. You have to prepared to change your business status. You may decide to shut the door of the business and reopen another one for yourself for what you want to create. Although, sell the business, sell your all shares to your partner, buy him out, or if you prepared any other option than do which allows you to move to carry forward and your IDEAS.

It’s not easy to give up something or if it is a business you have to think 100 times about it. Also, it’s not easy to give up the things that worked for so long and hard to achieve. According to my opinion, you have to think about it; or if you want to close your partnership you should have a better plan for yourself.


6. Do with professional help

Attorneys and your agreement need some professional before you go to split it. You have to ask some questions to professionals about what is the right way to do, how to approach a dissolve in business when to take final decisions. These all are with the help of professionals. I think you also take one visit for a partner’s agreement with the help of a professional to gain a full understanding of the financial process. 

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Here I am sharing all my knowledge which helps you to know how to deal with a controlling business partner. I hope this all helps u a lot, I want to know you can contact us directly.