How to Write a Business Memo? {Effective and Professional ways}

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Business Memo


A business memo is used to communicate information within a company. So, it should be in simple words and not like a formal letter. It should be like a short document that maintains the professional style and conveys the message briefly. The message should be direct so that people can easily understand.


There are two common reasons why a business memo is sent out: the first is to classify a problem and suggest a solution; secondly, factual information can be requested or provided through a business memo.


Busy employees would want to grasp the information quickly and easily, and the rightly written business memo can solve the purpose. In this article, let’s learn how to write a business memo. As mentioned above, an effective business memo should be direct and easy to understand. Here are a few things to prioritize while writing a business memo so that it is easy for readers to understand.

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Show the Main Point First

How to write a business memo


This is the most significant factor to examine when writing a business memo because the reader should get the context and structure of the memo. If readers need a solution to some question, then they should get it instantly and if they need more information, they can read further. So, further information should be only about the main point of the memo or the summary of the main point, not more than that.


Maintain a Professional Style

business memo Professional

The reader of your business memo could be your boss or your colleagues. Therefore, the style should be professional, direct, and easy to understand. Don’t use negative sentences. Structure a short sentence that sounds active and straightforward. Try to maintain the tone of the sentence positively or use a neutral tone.


Create a Specific Subject Line

The subject line should be very specific so that the readers can get an idea of the purpose of the memo. Otherwise, it can affect you and your reputation in a negative way. For example, let’s say you are requesting funds from your boss for a business trip. The subject should be “Request for funds:  XYZ meeting”. This subject line is direct and easily understandable. There is no point in writing “Regarding XYZ meeting” or “XYZ convention”. Both of these don’t provide the main context of the memo. 

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Provide a Short Summary of the Main Points

main Point first in Business memo

If your memo is more than one page long, then it is better to write a summary of the main points so that the readers can easily understand the focus points of the entire memo. The structure of the memo has to be brief.


Use Headings to Signal Structure

Create a subject Line in Business memo

Headings provide the readers an idea of what exactly the further information is all about. Readers will easily get the context of the memo by reading just the headings. So, if they want, they can read further; if not, they can move directly to the next point or heading. 

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Here is a business memo example.

The format of a business memo is different in different companies. However, there are standard elements that are common in all of them.


Date: <the date on which the memo is sent>

To:               The person(s) to whom it is primarily addressed

Cc:               Name(s) of person(s) who receives carbon copy

From:           Name of the writer

Subject:                   Concise statement of the memo’s topic


We hope that helped you understand how to write a business memo


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