Poultry farm business plan | Chicken Business plan

Poultry farm business plan

Poultry Farm Business is one of the fastest Growing agriculture Businesses in India and also in the World. No doubt the Government is also interested in the Poultry Farming Business plan Investment Process. There is around 3 million Farmer and there is almost 16 Million agrarian Farmer are working in the Poultry Field. They all give a Contribution of almost 26 Thousand Crore to the National Income. 


In this article we Gonna learn about the Poultry Farm Business plan and many others things related to this. 


What is the Poultry Farm Business plan?

So, the Poultry farming Business is a Type of agriculture Business, in this Business birds are raised Commercially. 

Poultry Business is done for the need of Meat, and Eggs. 

In poultry farming includes Chicken, ducks, Young Pigeon, and Turkeys. But according to the Market demand poultry farming is basically known for the chicken, because it has huge market demand. 

As the population is growing in the world they need for chicken is growing which increases the demand for Poultry Farming. 

The Demand for chicken is high due to the High protein Present in it. 


Advantages of Poultry Farming

  • The chicken price is very good in the market. 
  • The chicken will produce eggs and meat which has a high demand in the market. 
  • You can also start a poultry Farming Business at a low cost and can control the small market easily. 
  • The ROI(Return on investment) is much much higher in Poultry farming than in any other Business. 
  • Water consumption in this Business is very low; only 2 Liter of water for 10 Birds is sufficient. 
  • Also, the waste of the chicken can be used as a Fertilizer. 


Disadvantages of Poultry Farming Business

  • In the poultry farming business, you need big and neat, and clean spaces. 
  • Not for the Vegetarian People. 
  • If you are a bird lover then this Business is not for you. 
  • It can spread many diseases


How to Start Poultry Farm Business? 

To start a Poultry Farming Business you need big and neat and clean space, it is one of the costly parts of the Poultry Business. But don’t worry if you have a small Piece of land you can start your business here too. 


But to start a poultry farming business you need to choose a place very carefully like: 

  • Don’t choose the place near the city for Poultry Farming. 
  • Make sure that the place that you gonna choose is a water-rich place, so that in the end that you will not lack water. 
  • Look at the transportation system before choosing the place. 


Steps to start a Poultry farm Business

These steps will help you to start the Poultry farming business in the correct way.

  • Final the Sector: your first task should be to finalize the sector it means you have to select what you gonna sell in your poultry farming Business such as eggs, meat, Broilers, etc. 

  • Choosing the Right Bird: Your Second step should be choosing the Right Bird for the farming. 

  • Choose the location wisely: Location plays a crucial role in the Poultry farming business. So choose it wisely, where you can easily manage your business. 

  • Name the Business: Register a company or name the business as per the Government Law. 

  • Arrange the Funds:  if you don’t having money to start a business you have to arrange the funds for your business. 

  • Marketing and Advertising: Nowadays no Business is complete without marketing and advertising if you want to grow your business you have to do proper marketing and advertising for it. 

  • Find the target audience: Business is all about the audience if you don’t have a Targeted audience then you can’t grow your business. So make sure you are finding your Target audience for your business. 


Documents Required for Poultry Farming Business


If you are going to start a Poultry farm business in India then you should be aware of these Documents: 


  • Application form with two Passports sized Photos. 
  • Pan Card or Adhar card as Identity Proof. 
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation
  • Documents of the business lands
  • Business license and government stay letter. 
  • Bank statement of last 12 Months
  • Animal care certificate
  • Or any other documents required for the bank. 


FAQs Related to Poultry Business farming


  • What is Poultry Business? 

the Poultry farming Business is a Type of agriculture Business, in this Business birds are raised Commercially. 


  • What is the Poultry Farm Shed Cost?

Poultry Farm shed cost can be 120Ruppees per square foot. It can be low or high according to the location. 


  • How much is Required for the Poultry farming Business? 

You need 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees to start your own poultry farming business. It can be high or low according to the Business demand. 


  • Can I take a loan for the Poultry farming business?

Yes, you can easily take a loan for your Poultry farming Business. 


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