What is Soonicorn? | List of Soonicorn

As we all know, In the startup field there are many words like Unicorn, Decacorn, Mini corn, etc, which defines the Valuation of the Startup. But Only some people know the term “Soonicorn”.

Yes!! Soonicorn is also a Startup word that is used for startup valuation. So, let’s Explore the:


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What is Soonicorn?


Soonicorn is a word or we can say this is a phrase which means “Soon to be a Unicorn”.

A Soonicorn is used for a start-up Company with $1Billion+ Net worth in a startup or business language. 

According to a Myth, the unicorn is referring to a white horse that has Horn on its head, this myth symbol is used for a unicorn startup company. 

However, we can say that the company having the potential to become a Unicorn is known as “Soonicorn”.

In the Year 2021, the start-up galaxy is filled with a Unicron company. In the year 2013 when Aileen Lee discovered this Word, there were only 39 Unicorn Present. 

Now in May 2021, there is more than 600 Unicorn present in the World and some startup is in the Category of Soon to be a Unicorn “Soonicorn”. 

According to a Study, mostly Soonicorn is funded by Angel Investors, or by the venture capitalist, based on its future planning or future valuation of the company. 

It is consistently in overabundance of the startup’s genuine worth.

Likewise, a bigger element secures the new companies, giving them a valuation more than their real assets. This is assisting new companies with before long joining the One Billion Net worth Club or Unicorn Club.

Traxcn” is a Bengaluru-based data curation platform they said that Soonicorn is spreading fastly in the field of Financial Technology, E-commerce, Logistics, healthcare technology, and Travel. 

They said in the Report that besides the Metropolitian cities the “Soon to be Unicorn” are increasing Rapidly in the smaller cities like Jaipur and Pune. 


Characteristics of “Soonicorn”


  • Should be a private startup. 
  • The start-up company soon to be a Unicorn
  • Must be backed by Investors { Angel investors or Venture capitalist)
  • the start-up company should behave the ability to grow exponentially. 
  • Start-up companies have already passed the Minicorn {which is $1millioin in valuation)


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List of Soonicorn Companies in India


Valuation $ (Mn)













Rebel Foods






Ecom Express




  • How many soonicorn are present in India? 

There are more than 10  (soon to be Unicorn) is present in India. 


  • List of Soonicorn Compnaies in India.



Cure. fit

Rebel Foods


And many more. 


  • How many Soonicron are Present in the World?

More than 100 Soon-to-be Unicorn are present in the World.