What is the Blue Ocean Strategy?

In This Topic, we will Read about the Blue Ocean Strategy; a top marketing strategy in the business or the market. 

Definition of Blue Ocean Strategy.

Basically, a Blue market Strategy is referred to market for a product, in this strategy the business makes a unique product and launch in the market and raise the demand of the product by supplying the product. 

Furthermore, The business useless competition market to launch or boost the product. Additionally, businesses use the Blue ocean strategy where the number of firms or companies is very low, or in a less competitive area. 

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Summary of Blue Ocean strategy

The planning Model of the businesses in the Blue ocean strategy is to sell the maximum product in the market and make it less competitive. Rather than gaining more share in this strategy businesses or organization looks to raise the volume of a number of the sell of the Product in the market. 

Furthermore, the Blue Ocean Strategy is to create a demand in the market, capture the less competitive space in the market and use it to sell more products. 


4 key point of the Blue Ocean Strategy: 


  • Not a theoretical: 

Some of the business models or business strategies are very theoretical it means they do not want to go into the market properly but they will write all the planning on the paper.

But the Blue ocean strategy is opposite from this, in this strategy business has to jump in the market to face the people and product demand.

No doubt more than 30 industries are working on this strategy.

Because of this the blue ocean strategy is proven and effective and practical way.


  • Less competition or Irrelevant Competition: 

Working on the blue ocean strategy doesn’t mean removing the competition; it means that businesses have to make their own and unique product and raise the market demand for the product.

The aim of the strategy is to redraw the Industry Boundary with the help of the product. 


  • Coexistence of Low cost and Differentiation: 

Basically, in the blue ocean strategy, customers do not have to choose the product by looking at its affordability or value. If a company knows what is the demand of the customer in the market then the company has to rethink  How to provide the value of the Product to the Customer. 

With the help of this method, the business can get the coexistence of Cost and differentiation at the same time. 

This is known as a “Value Innovation


  • Framework for test Ideas: 

The Blue Ocean Idea Index is essential for the overall methodology and allows organizations to test the business suitability of thoughts.

This interaction refines thoughts and distinguishes openings with the most potential, limiting danger.


Examples of Blue Ocean Strategy: 


1) UBER 

Uber Cab is a brainchild of the Blue Ocean Strategy and has drastically changed the image of the transportation business by disposing of the disturbance of booking taxis, forswearing of administrations, meter issues, and undesirable contentions. 

It is a ridesharing administration that empowers clients to book their rides without breaking a sweat of swipes and taps.

It additionally allows clients to follow a driver’s movement towards the pickup point continuously with the help of a cell phone application called Uber App. 

Uber conceived another market by the combination of trendsetting innovation and present-day gadgets.

It attempted to separate itself from the standard taxi organizations and thus fostered a minimal expense plan of action that offers adaptable installments, valuing techniques, and produces great incomes for both the drivers and the organization.

In the underlying stages, Uber was fruitful in catching the uncontested market space yet was in the long run overwhelmed by the contenders.

Regardless of that, it keeps on telling the market and is quickly growing across the world. Starting in 2019, Uber roughly has 110 million riders worldwide and holds 69% of the piece of the pie in the United States. 


2) iTunes 

Apple headed into the space of advanced music with its exceptional and prominent item ie.

iTunes in 2003. In earlier days, ordinary mediums like conservative circles (CD) were put to use to disperse and tune in to music. 

At the point when iTunes wandered into the market, it tackled the fundamental issues which were looked at by the account business.

Accordingly, iTunes cut down the act of illicitly downloading music while at the same time obliging the interest for single tunes versus whole collections in a digitalized rendition. Excellent music at a sensible cost offered by Apple turned into an all the rage.

All the accessible Apple items have iTunes to download music and have generally controlled the market space for quite a long time. It is additionally perceived for driving the development of advanced music. 

These instances of the Blue Ocean Strategy can illuminate future new companies in regards to the execution of an essential arranging plan and effectively opening new interest.


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Advantages of Blue Ocean strategy: 

Here are a couple of the upsides of utilizing the blue ocean procedure: 

  • Blue Ocean Strategy helps out associations to discover uncontested business sectors and stay away from developed and soaked business sectors. 
  • It helps to move from the obstructions of contending inside the current business and cost structure and to slowly relocate towards useful worth improvement. So, it exhibits how to break liberated from the conventional key models and to extend benefit and interest for the business by utilizing the investigation. 
  • Worth advancement is the foundation of a Blue Ocean Strategy. Worth advancement is the collusion of development with value, utility, and cost positions. It in the end makes new worth/interest for shoppers and subsequently, extends the odds of development potential. 
  • Blue Ocean Strategy empowers an essential change in outlook. It creates mental skylines and helps in perceiving the chances. 
  • Blue Ocean Strategy depends “on schedule and once more” demonstrated information instead of doubtful speculations. It depends on down-to-earth moves that have demonstrated outcomes during live market executions. 
  • Items under the idea of the Blue Ocean Strategy don’t cause a purchaser to pick among worth and moderateness. It is the synchronous pursual of separation and minimal expense hypothesis. 
  • Making blue oceans is non-lose-lose with high result prospects.


Disadvantages of Blue Ocean strategy: 

We should additionally take a gander at a couple of the basic cons of utilizing this procedure: 

  • It’s very hard to concoct advanced thoughts and recognize titanic and undiscovered business sectors. 
  • Selecting an understandable Blue Ocean Strategy is a consequence of a determined and definite examination measure supported by broad investigation. It is to be remembered that there is no enchantment equation or, silver slug. 
  • Wandering into a market in the beginning stage accompanies things of hazard. There is a high chance that the clients probably won’t comprehend the grass foundation of the items and administrations due to the shortfall of a completely evolved innovation. 
  • The creation of another market is never simple on the grounds that an association must be brilliant and clear with respect to its client base and approaches to give training about novel thoughts, new items, and new arrangements. It additionally requires clearness about the compromises, snags, and the labor force. 
  • Choosing an alternate ocean i.e the Blue Ocean, requires a ton of tolerance, determination trust, readiness, and confidence. It is likewise very central to take a gander at starting pointers for affirming the way that “fishing” isn’t being done in a dead ocean. 
  • On tracking down another ocean, different sharks from the immersed markets also known as the Red Oceans and other neighboring oceans will be tricked to the new market. Along these lines, constructing deliberately protective choices would be an astute advance. Guarded options significantly comprise brand power, innovative progression, and speed of execution.

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Final words for Blue Ocean Strategy

A way-breaking methodology known as the Blue Ocean Strategy is a radical promoting plan and is viewed as an essential arranging instrument for evaluating a business.

It is tied in with concocting and procuring the uncontested market gathering by producing another interest. Since the ventures are in a condition of non-presence, there is definitely no sign of companion correlation.

The methodology sacks the new interest by acclimating novel items with cutting-edge includes that stand separated from the group.

Blue Ocean approach disregards the philosophy of beating the opposition and affirms to reproduce the market limits and work inside the incipient. 

Nowadays, the Blue Ocean Strategy turns into a need of great importance when supply outperforms requests in a market.

To discover and recognize an appealing Blue Ocean, one necessity to think about the “Four Actions Framework” to devise the parts of purchaser esteem in making another worth bend. The system offers four key conversation starters, to be specific, Raise, Reduce, Eliminate and Create. 


That is in support of this article. Tell me your opinion on the blue ocean procedure in the remark segment underneath. Good health!


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